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bible_heaven.jpgWelcome To WeReadTheBible.com!

In his sermon titled How to Read the Bible, Charles Spurgeon said

If we were ignorant of “modern thought,” and were not “abreast of the times.” … we [w]ould [still] be leagues ahead of our times if we kept closely to the Word of God.

At WeReadTheBible.com, we want to help every person interested in reading “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, to do just that. We believe that despite your denomination, faith, or creed – the Bible is worth reading! WeReadTheBible.com wants to help you set Bible reading goal and assist in helping you accomplish those goals.

You can find the latest columns written by Jason Fisher (a Bible College graduate and former youth pastor) and Dale Sackrider (also a Bible College graduate with on and off platform ministry experience) linked on the right under Posts.

In addition to fresh insight from these ministers, you will find online reading resources under our Links section including at least 20 different english version online Bibles at BibleGateway.com, and a robust Greek and Hebrew Lexicon at BlueLetterBible.com for those in-depth study sessions.

Please feel free to contact us by email at dale@sannsack.com with your thoughts, suggests, and comments.